On This Day in Trinity House History – 19 August


London’s poor receive a gift from a ship’s ‘swear jar’

Trinity House Court Minute:

“Mr. Matthew Cooper, Master of the Scrope of Bristol, and a Younger Brother of this Corp: having sopped sixteen shillings from the wages of several of his seamen in his last voyage to and from Jamaica by way of penalty for Swearing and Drunkenness, pursuant to the By Laws of this Corp: he attended and paid the same into the poor’s box”



Zeppelin Over Souter Point Lighthouse

From the Shields Gazette:

“Graf Zeppelin, the giant German airship which is making a tour of the British Isles, travelled hundreds of miles during the night and is still in the air. The airship was clearly seen over several Tyneside towns, passing over South Shields at about eight o’clock. In response to the salute with the siren at Souter Lighthouse, the airship gracefully dipped in acknowledgement.”

Souter Point Lighthouse was built in 1871 by Trinity house to ward ships from the dangerous rocks at Whitburn Steel; the development of new technology like GPS and satellite navigation led to its decommission in 1988 after 117 years of service to shipping in the North East.

Souter Point Lighthouse, Marsden, Tyne and Wear

Souter Point Lighthouse, Marsden, Tyne and Wear