On This Day in Trinity House History – 26 December


Charles II addresses the Corporation

Trinity House Court Minute:

“Trusty and well beloved we Greet you well, Whereas wee have been gratiously pleased to renue and confirme your Charter with Severall additional powers and priviledges both for the advantage of our service and the Publique Wee cannot but lett you know that we expect you should be very carefull in the choice of such as are to be admitted Members of your Society, that they being persons of exemplary piety, prudence and integrity wee may with confidence hope for Gods blefsing in theire endeavours for ours and the Kingdomes service. Wee will and require you therefore that you elect none to be of your body that have sate in any of the late pretended high Courts of Justice, or who signed any Peticon for the Triall of our Father of Blefsed memory, or who continue disaffected to the Peace of theis Kingdomes under our Government, and refuse the Oathes of Allegiance and Supremancy wch. the Lawes exact of all our subjects, And for the better discharge of the Trust reposed in that Society you are to admit none to be Elder Brethren but able and experienced Seamen and Mariners. And soe we bid you farewell.

Given at our Court at Whitehall this 26th. December 1660”

1280-360 Charles II to TH 1675


On This Day in Trinity House History – 14 August


Charles II takes exception to an Elder Brother

Charles II demands the expulsion of an Elder Brother, Lawrence Moyer:

Charles II portrait at Trinity House

Charles II portrait at Trinity House

“Trusty and Wellbeloved wee greete you well, being very well informed of the severall high missdemeanours and disloyall carriages of Lawrence Moyer of Low Leyton in our County of Essex a member and (as wee understand a present Warden of your Corporacon) of which wee hold him most unfitt to continue therein, or to enjoy any office or place of trust, Our will and pleasure therefore is that you immediately discharge the said Moyer, not only from his Wardenshippe but from being any longer a member of the Society and Corporacon of the Trinity House, to these our Comands wee shall expect your Conformity, and for soe doeing this shall be your Warrant, given at our Court at Whitehall the 14 day of August 1661.

By his Majesty’s Comand, Edwd. Nicholls”

Charles II, looking to ensure loyalty to the Crown after the upheaval that had removed his father’s head, had heard that Moyer (a Republican) had hesitated in swearing the oath of supremacy, a strict requirement post-Interregnum. Charles heard about Moyer’s hesitation and demanded his expulsion, which the Elder Brethren resisted for three years. The king got his way eventually, however, and Moyer was expelled on 22 July 1663.

On This Day in Trinity House History – 7 February


Trinity House Sends a Thank You Gift

Trinity House Court Minute:

“A Captain of a ship is desired to buy two quarter casks of good Canary for the Company, as a present to Sir George Oxenden, in respect of the great love he has shown to the poor of the Corporation, and also to send him six pots with anchovies, olives and caviare.”



Trinity House’s Ballastage Income used to reward fugitive companion of Charles II

Charles II granted to Colonel Carlos [William Careless], as a reward for services performed, the sum of £3,000 per annum from Ballastage. The Corporation resisted this grant as an infringement of their rights.

The grant to Colonel Carlos was annulled and a fresh grant was made to the Corporation on 18 July 1675; the proceeds from Ballastage to be applied to the relief of decayed seamen, their wives, widows and orphans, subject to an annual payment of 1,000 marks to Colonel Carlos for the residue term of thirty-one years.

King Charles II and Colonel William Carlos in the Royal Oak, by Isaac Fuller (died 1672) [National Portrait Gallery]

King Charles II and Colonel William Carlos in the Royal Oak, by Isaac Fuller (died 1672) [National Portrait Gallery]