On This Day in Trinity House History – 22 September


Michael Faraday is born

Portrait of Faraday by Thos. Phillips 1842

Portrait of Faraday by Thos. Phillips 1842

Chemist and Physicist Professor Michael Faraday—considered one of the greatest experimentalists that ever lived—is remembered for his pioneering experiments in electricity and magnetism, many of which were carried out at the lighthouse at Blackwall as Scientific Advisor to the Corporation.

During the 1840s most of Faraday’s efforts for Trinity House were directed towards developing a chimney for the purpose of ventilating lighthouse lanterns, to prevent the smoke and fumes from the burning illuminant condensing on the lantern panes which thus reduced the quality of light emitted; it would be the only invention of his to be patented.

Professor Faraday died 25 August 1867.