On This Day in Trinity House History – 26 October


The Elder Brethren Are Out of the Office

Court Minute:

“No Court, because all the Elder Brethren were present, according to custom, at a launch of a great ship of the King’s.”

The ship in question was HMS Royal Katherine. Samuel Pepys remarked of the launch:

“At Woolwich; I there up to the King and Duke, and they liked the plate well. Here I staid above with them while the ship was launched, which was done with great success, and the King did very much like the ship, saying, she had the best bow that ever he saw.”

HMS Royal Katherine

HMS Royal Katherine


A Pilotage Complaint is Brought Before Trinity House

Board Minute:

“Captain Edward Carteret of the Italian Merchant lately arrived from the Streights attended and complained that on 8th. February last as he was outward bound on his last voyage outward from London to the Streights, Francis Lilly being then his Pilot down the South Channel towards the Downs, he the said Francis Lilly ran the said ship aground on the Last at Noon-day, near High Water, the Weather being clear, Light winds Westerly and the buoys in sight. Captain Carteret said that when the the ship first touched the ground, He cry’d Hard a Starboard, which if Lilly had suffered to be done, the Ship would have got Clear, But he (Lilly) Crying Hard a Port at the same time, the man at the Helm Observed him, which laid the ship across the said Last Sand, where she almost dry’d at Low Water, The ship being Aground, Lilly insisted that she was on the Spell, which the Captain not being satisfied of, took his boat, and on sounding himself, found that she was on the Last. The Captain said further that the Loyal Jane, Sabine Chandler, Commander, then bound for the Downs was in company with his ship (the Italian Merchant) and a head of her in the arrows, and went clear.

Ordered, that the Rt. Hon. the Master be acquainted with this complaint before any further proceedings be taken thereon.”

2 Nov. 1734:

“The Master ordered a court be held on the 13th. inst. to hear the complaint.”