On This Day in Trinity House History – 9 November


The Elder Brethren Sacrifice Their Salary For Victims of Piracy

Trinity House Court Minute:

“Towards the redemption of captives now at Algiers every Elder Brother is to allow a turn, and if the next turn does not amount to £3 it is to be made up to £3, and every Younger Brother to allow 6/8, and their next turn is to be stopped for it.”

‘Turns’ were the payment to Elder and Younger Brethren before salaries were introduced in 1822.


Trinity House During the Second World War

The Corporation’s steam vessel THV lrene was sunk near the Tongue, with the loss of twenty-one lives, including the Master, after contact with a mine when on special service.

PHILLIPS, Hugh Leopold Master, THV Irene
THOMAS, Harold Frederic 2nd Mate, THV Irene
DEWAR, Henry Ritchie 1st Engineer, THV Irene
ALDERSON, Joseph Coxswain, THV Irene
BARBER, Walter Henry Seaman, THV Irene
BARNES, Edward Stephen Seaman, THV Irene
BATT, Walter Edwin Trimmer, THV Irene
BAYLEY, Robert William Cook, THV Irene
BLAKEMORE, Alfred Fireman, THV Irene
CLARKE, George Fireman, THV Irene
COOK, William George Fireman, THV Irene
EADES, George Augustus Fireman, THV Irene
GIBBS, William Edward Fireman, THV Irene
GODFREY, Thomas William Seaman, THV Irene
HAZELL, Frederick William Trimmer, THV Irene
HILL, David Trimmer, THV Irene
KERR, Thomas Seaman, THV Irene
MERRALLS, William Thomas Fireman, THV Irene
MURRELL, Walter Steward, THV Irene
POWELL, Percival Arthur Seaman, THV Irene
TRICKER, William James Steward, THV Irene
WALKER, William James Kinsey Seaman, THV Irene
THV Irene 1907

THV Irene 1907

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