On This Day in Trinity House History – 1 November


Samuel Pepys dines at Trinity House

Samuel Pepys’ diary:

“With Mr. Creed to the Trinity House, to a great dinner there, by invitation, and much company. It seems one Captain Evans makes his Elder Brother’s dinner to-day.”


Trinity House Marks the Anniversary of the Gunpowder plot

Trinity House Board Minute:

“Adjourned to this day sennight* by reason of next Wednesday being the anniversary of the Powder Plot.”

* old English seofon nihta ‘seven nights’, i.e. a week


Trinity House Assumes responsibility for Mumbles Lighthouse

Trinity House assumed responsibility for Mumbles Lighthouse from the British Transport Docks Board.

The lighthouse was first lit in 1794, originally displaying two open coal fire lights one above the other to distinguish it from St Ann’s Head Lighthouse which had two lights on separate towers and Flatholm Lighthouse with one light. The coal lights in braziers were expensive and difficult to maintain so were quickly replaced with a single oil powered light consisting of argand lamps with reflectors within a cast iron lantern. The original two lights are still reflected in the two tier structure of the tower.

Mumbles Lighthouse, image by Ian Cowe

Mumbles Lighthouse, image by Ian Cowe

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