On This Day in Trinity House History – 7 October


Orfordness Lighthouse washed away

Board Minute:

“An express from Orford, that the Lower Lighthouse there was washed away by the sea on the 5th. but that a representative of the proprietor and a workman to replace it as soon as possible, and to supply a light in the best manner that is possible till a new lighthouse can be built


12 October:

“Reporting that a lantern three feet high was raised to the height of 25 feet from the ground wherein a good light would be maintained, and that for the two nights before a coal fire light had been kept there.”

View of Orford Ness 1822

View of Orford Ness 1822



Trinity House Mathematical Examining Committee Gets Its Own Maths Whizz

A Court Minute authorised the Appointment of a Mathematical Examiner to assist the Examining Committee, and ordered arrangements to be made for conducting voluntary examinations at Trinity House on and after 1 Nov. 1845.

Mr. Boulter Bell was appointed Mathematical Examiner, his remuneration to be as follows, viz.; for examination of Masters and Mates £50, for examination of Masters and Pilots, R.N., £50, for examination of Christ’s Hospital Boys £20: a total of £120 per annum. In the first twelve months, to 1 November 1846, ninety (90) Candidates presented themselves for examination. These voluntary examinations continued to be carried out until compulsory examinations were instituted by the Board of Trade under the Act of 1850.

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