On This Day in Trinity House History – 3 October


Royal Humane Society Award for Nash Point Lighthouse Keeper

Michael James Pascoe, an Assistant Keeper at Nash Point Lighthouse, was presented with the Society’s testimonial on Vellum for rescuing a young boy.

Mr. Pascoe was on duty at the lighthouse when he was informed that a boy and a man were stranded 150 ft. down the cliffs and were cut off by the tide.

He alerted the Coastguards and rescue craft were called out. Due to the heavy seas, and the steepness of the cliff, several attempts to rescue the couple proved to be unsuccessful.

Mr. Pascoe offered his services and was lowered down the cliff, where he found the boy unconscious and the man suffering from shock. It was too dangerous for the boy to go back up the cliff, so Mr. Pascoe carried him through the surging seas to safety.

Deputy Master Captain Sir George Barnard presented Mr. Pascoe with his award at Trinity House.

The cliffs at Nash Point Lighthouse

The cliffs at Nash Point Lighthouse

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