On This Day in Trinity House History – 3 September


Southwold Lighthouse is lit for the first time

Construction of Southwold Lighthouse began in 1887 under the supervision of Sir James Douglass, Engineer in Chief to Trinity House. The lighthouse replaced three local lighthouses which were under threat from severe coastal erosion at Orfordness to the South. The light was originally provided by an Argand burner, replaced by a Matthews incandescent oil burner in 1906.

Southwold Lighthouse © Tim Warner

Southwold Lighthouse © Tim Warner



Trinity House receives thanks from Allied Naval Commander-in-Chief for its role in Second World War

Trinity House receives the following letter of thanks from Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay, Allied Naval Commander-in-Chief:

“I wish to place on record my high appreciation of the invaluable work performed by the vessels of Trinity House and their crews, as well as by those who have been responsible for the organisation and preparations ashore, during recent operations involving the landing on the Continent of Europe of the greatest seaborne expedition in history. The great success achieved was due in no small part to the contribution of Trinity House.

“The smooth way in which the buoy-laying has progressed has been in particular due to the work and splendid co-operation of your superintendent at Cowes, Captain Barber. Without his willing help and advice at all times both before and during the operations the many problems which arose could not have been so easily overcome.

“Success is seldom achieved without loss, and it was with great regret that I learned of the loss of THV Alert on 16th June. She had done fine work close off the enemy coast and it was most gratifying to know that none of her crew was lost. I shall be grateful if you will convey my appreciation to all of Trinity House.”


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