Trinity House Quincenterary celebrations

Illustrator Peter Kent’s fantastic musings on the quincentennial celebrations of Trinity House.

RiverWatch returns

Crossing the river by train, the once familiar city skyline is rapidly changing.  Alighting at Cannon Street, one follows the hidden course of the river Walbrook, which is changing yet again.  The once dominating cluster of office buildings formerly known as Bucklersbury has disappeared into a cloud of dust, with lofty concrete lift cores rising to the skies denoting the height of the building to be.

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The Wren church of St. Stephen Walbrook’s flank wall has been exposed for all to see (for the first time?); always crowded with neighbours which include the stately Mansion House, the present residence of the Lord Mayor.  Memories of great civic occasions come flooding back, some humorous as travelling by train has some limitations for those who have to wear ceremonial gear.  I well remember meeting the Lady Mayoress to be, clutching her designer hat in a rather large brown paper bag.  Today I…

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