On This Day in Trinity House History – 23 July


Trinity House Younger Brethren Face Difficulty After Reformation

Trinity House Court Minute:

“Captain James Salmon of Poplar, knowne to Sir Richard Haddock & Captain Mudd to be a frequenter of the Church upon his Request was admitted a Younger Brother & took the usual oath. John Coppin & John Keeble – made their Request to be admitted Brothers, and having being interrogated Whether they frequent the Church & have received the Sacrament according to the Church of England to which giving no positive reply they were deferred till they brought Certificates of Receiving the Sacramant & frequenting the Church.”



Trinity House Dismisses Temptation

Trinity House Court Minute:

“The Master (Lord Dartmouth) takes notice that Sir John Clayton had been with him and said that this Corporation’s business was to promote the interests of their poor & he would give £50 a year to their poor for approving his lights. It was answered that in the last Report in answer to Sir Edward Villiers case It is represented to this effect that it is not consisted with the interest of the poor, nor of Navigation to admit of such temptacons when this Board are not satisfied in the usefullness of those lights”

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