On This Day in Trinity House History – 9 July


“To The Honorable Comishiners” – Ship’s Master in distress

The following letter was received by the Corporation from the Master of the schooner Farmer, who complains about having been put in Beaumaris Gaol (a now-disused jail located in Anglesey, Wales) for not taking a pilot:

“Beumoras Prison
July the 9th 1821

To the honorable Comishiners of the Trinety House Bord Capt. Teer now Lying in the body of the gaiol of Beumoras takes this opertunity by leting your Honorable Comishiners know that i am confined for the cause of not taking a pilot when in safty inside of the Bare in safty the water man Received the ancrage Mony £0. 3s. tooke my Name then Come Back and Served awarant on Mee and Draged me to the Magstrate and he Comited me to the gaiol for the fine £50 pounds that is my fine or three Months Impresernt the vesel is heire for the want of a captan and the said that there was Several vesels had went away and not paid them and the would make a patman of me for all the rest

Humbel Servent
Danel Teer

Buemores Goail, Wails. For Danel Teer Captain of the Farmer Schooner”



Trinity House Vessel Irene leads George V’s Coronation Review

The Coronation review of George V at Spithead. Trinity House flagship THV Irene leads the reviewing squadron; it would be her last major public event.

THV Irene

THV Irene

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