On This Day in Trinity House History – 3 July


Light Dues are exempted for a good cause

Trinity House Board Minute:

“A letter from Mr. Brooks our Collector for the Isle of Wight was read setting forth that a Master of a ship of 80 tons belonging to Koningsbergh being lately at the Isle of Rhee, met with two English Men, who had been prisoners there and obtained their discharge, but had waited several week for a passage to England, without any opportunity or prospect thereof, whereupon the Master, who was bound home took compassion on their case & tho’ he had no Business in England, yet he was willing to set them ashore on the back of the Isle of Wight, but that he was afraid of being obliged to pay Light Money, Which the poor men (to gain their passage) promised to indemnify him from; That the master not being able to set them ashore on the back of the Isle of Wight, tho’ the wind was then favourable for his return home without touching in England, he came to Cowes on purpose to land them and then pursued his voyage

“That the poor men have borrowed money there to pay the Light Money, but pray it may not be insisted on. The whole of such case being considered and that the charge must fall wholly upon the poort men, The board were of opinion that it ought not to be insisted on.”


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