On This Day in Trinity House History – 22 June


Trinity House vs. the ‘scandalous language’ of John Locksmith

Trinity House Court Minute:

“John Locksmith Mariner being somoned to appeare, there being lnformacon given against him for uttering of scandalous language against this Corporacon did appeare, but denyed the same although proved by one witnesse, the matter was deferred untill more witnesses wilbe had to prove the same.”

But that was not the last of John Locksmith, as we can see from later Court Minutes:

“At Stepney July 13, 1661.

John Locksmith upon his humble submission to the Master Wardens and Brethren and confession of his offense for wch. he was very sorry and praied pardon hee having given it under his hand not to doe the like, or to molest his accusers he was remitted paying a mulcke [mulct] of 10s. to the use of the poore.”

“July 27, 1661.

John Locksmith desiring to be admitted a Pylott [Pilot] and to have a Warrant from the Corporacon wch. was put to the question, But in regard he still persisted in his abusive carriage towards the Corporacon, It was concluded by the Board that he was neither worthy nor fit to be allowed of by them.”

Proof that it’s always wise to mind your Ps and Qs!

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