On This Day in Trinity House History – 21 June


Pepys enjoys ‘great good cheer’ at Trinity House dinner

Samuel Pepys‘ diary:

“At noon Sir W Pen and I to the Trinity House; where was a feast made by the Wardens. Great good cheer, and much but ordinary company.”



Trinity House Vessels to fly the White Ensign

Permission is given by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty for the Corporation’s steam and sailing vessels to fly the White Ensign on all occasions upon which the ships are dressed, and while escorting the Sovereign in company with Royal Yachts and Ships of War.

1894 White Ensign permission

1894 White Ensign permission

From Wikipedia:

“Royal Navy ships and submarines wear the White Ensign at all times when underway. The White Ensign may also be worn on a gaff, and may be shifted to the starboard yardarm when at sea. When alongside, the White Ensign is worn at the stern, with the Union Flag flown as a jack at the bow, during daylight hours.

The White Ensign is worn at the mastheads when Royal Navy ships are dressed on special occasions such as the Queen’s birthday, and may be similarly be worn by foreign warships in British waters when dressed in honour of a British holiday or when firing a salute to British authorities.”


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