On This Day in Trinity House History – 18 June


Samuel Pepys has a good night with the Elder Brethren

Samuel Pepys’ diary:

“By barge to Stepney with my Lord (Sandwich), where at Trinity House we had great entertainment; with my Lord there went Sir W Pen, Sir H Wright, Hetley, Creed, Pierce Hill, I and other servants.”



The Elder Brethren attend to the discord among the almspeople at Deptford

Trinity House Court Minute:

“The Elder Brethren then present were desired by the Master that everyone of them would betwixt this and Saturday next consider what was requisite to add to the By lawes of the Corporacon, The Master Wardens and Brethren having been informed that there is not that love and good agreement amongst theire Almswomen at Deptford as ought to bee.

And the reason to be in regard five of the said Almespeople have but five shillings per month and the other seaven hath ten shillings per month wch. hath caused animosities and undervalluing one another.

To prevent wch. and that they may live as they ought to doe in love and peace, It is thought fit and ordered, That those five new Almeswomen who recd, formerly five shillings a Month shall for the future tyme receive ten shillings a Month as the other seaven doe, and soe in all gifts and payments according to custome or otherwise, there be an equall proporcon amongst them,

Ordered, That they have notice thereof and be admonished to live together in love and peace as is meett they should least the offenders doe incurre the displeasure of this House.”

Trinity House almshouses at Deptford

Trinity House almshouses at Deptford



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