On This Day in Trinity House History – 30 May


Warm words from a retiring Master

On Trinity Monday, the day of the annual election of the Master and Deputy Master, outgoing Master George Berkeley, 1st Earl of Berkeley addresses the Court:

“I returne you my hearty Thanks for your extraordinary kindness to me in choosing me your Master for the year past. I now recommend to you my worthy Deputy Captain Nicholls to succeed me. I have served you with all faithfulness, and if my knowledge in your Affairs had been as great as my affection for you, I might justly have said, without bragging, That no Master has served you better, because I am very glad it was my happiness to attend you in the late Address made to his Gracious Majestie, which being Soe well accepted I hope you will receive the fruits and benefits of such an Addresse. I have had the Title of your Master for a year, but I shall continue an Elder Brother and your true friend and servant all my Life. I pray God to Blesse and Prosper you all.”


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