On This Day in Trinity House History – 19 May


Dudgeon Lightvessel is established

Trinity House Board Minute:

“The Deputy Master acquainted the Board that himself and other Brethren went down on Saturday and viewed a Lighter* which they judge will be very fit to be made use of for a Beacon at the Gunfleet: Ordered, that the lighter be fitted up accordingly.”

* A flat-bottomed barge or other unpowered boat used to transfer goods to and from ships in harbour.

It would appear that the Elder Brethren later changed their mind, and placed the new lightvessel at the Dudgeon station (1736-1993) off Norfolk, as that was the only lightvessel established that year.


A submarine bell is established at Lizard Lighthouse

A submarine bell was laid one mile and three cables South (True) from the Lizard Lighthouse in 16½ feet of water at LWST. The bell was intended as an aid to navigation, and its signal would be picked up by passing shipping with appropriately fitted submarine bell receivers.

An electric cable connected the bell with dynamos in the engine-room of the lighthouse. The dimensions of the tripod were height 21 feet, and spread of base about 12 feet radius. The weight was about 2¼ tons and of the bell about 7½ cwt.

The irregularity of the sea bed and the strong tides in the position rendered the cost of maintenance so heavy as to be unjustifiable, and the Elder Brethren decided to discontinue it; the bell was withdrawn in June 1914.

Lizard Point, Cornwall, lighthouse, lighthouse keeper, Trinity House, history, lighthouse service, British maritime history

Lizard at Night from Housel Bay

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