On This Day in Trinity House History – 08 May


Captains Crispe and Crane resolve their differences

Trinity House Court Minute:

“Resolved that Captain Crispe, Deputy Master, and Captain Crane drink to each other and declare their reconciliation.”

The cause of their disagreement is not known, but we are glad that they made up.



Flamborough Head Lighthouse is converted to automatic operation and the lighthouse keepers depart

A lighthouse was first established at Flamborough by Sir John Clayton in 1669, but was never kindled. The name Flamborough was first thought to be derived from it being the place of the flame, but in the domesday book the word is spelt “Flaneberg”, possibly from the Saxon “Flaen” meaning a dart, which the shape of the headland resembles.

The present lighthouse, designed by architect Samuel Wyatt, was built by John Matson of Bridlington in 1806 and first lit on 1 December of that year. The original lighting apparatus consisted of a rotating vertical shaft to which was fixed twenty one parabolic reflectors, seven on each of the three sides of the frame. Red glass covered reflectors on each side, giving for the first time in lighthouse characteristics two white flashes followed by one red flash. This was an innovation quickly adopted elsewhere.

Flamborough Head Lighthouse was automated in early 1996, the keepers leaving on 8 May. The lighthouse is now controlled and monitored from the Trinity House Planning Centre at Harwich.

More at http://www.trinityhouse.co.uk/lighthouses/lighthouse_list/flamborough.html

Flamborough Head Lighthouse by Sue Wilson

Flamborough Head Lighthouse by Sue Wilson

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