On This Day in Trinity House History – 5 March


The Elder Brethren give Mrs. Colebert’s gift to the poor of Limehouse

Colebert’s Gift:

“By Indenture made the 5th March, 1633, between John Watts of Ware in the County of Hertford, Knight and Emanuel Finch of Ratcliffe in the County of Middlesex Merchant Taylor executors of the Will of Elizabeth Colebert deceased (bearing date 30th May, 1631) of the one part and the Master Wardens and Assistants of Trinity House of the other part.

It is witnessed that the said executors paid to the said Master Wardens, etc., the sum of £50 to the end intent and purpose that they should pay or cause to be paid to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Hamlet of Limehouse yearly upon the Feast Day of our Lady St. Mary the Virgin the sum of Forty-five shillings to be disbursed and laid out in loaves of bread by the Church-wardens and Overseers for the time being and then to be by them distributed and given by them to the Poor of the Hamlet of Limehouse, according to the Last Will and Testament of Mrs. Colebert wherein she gave forever to the Company of White Bakers in London the aforesaid sum of £50 to the intent and purpose therein mentioned.

Which Company refusing to accept thereof it was by the said executors given to the Corporation for the use and, distribution above mentioned.

And the Corporation accepted thereof and Covenanted with the executors for the performance of payment accordingly.”

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