On This Day in Trinity House History – 17 February


First issue of Trinity House’s Flash Magazine

After the displacement and change of the war years and the great surge of progress and activity that came thereafter, it became necessary for the Corporation to create an in-house journal to keep its far-flung workforce informed. Flash magazine was first typed up in 1958 on folded sheets, providing news, entertainment and notices for the services’ numerous goings-on and staff initiatives.

Deputy Master Sir Gerald Curteis’ foreword for the inaugural 1958 issue read:

FLASH is, I am sure a good idea. Its aim, very briefly, is to help you towards a better understanding and knowledge of our Service, to interest and I hope, in places, to amuse you.

It is not, of course, an original idea: many Organisations have their own Journals; but it is the first time in our long history that the Trinity House has made this venture.

Ours is a Service of great historical, practical and technical interest, but its nature requires the wide dispersion of its personnel. 1700 of us serve the Corporation in various ways and places – many leading austere, lonely and disciplined lives at isolated Stations on and around our Coasts. But, separated though we are, the activities of everyone of us are directed to one end – Service to the Mariner, and the object of this Magazine is to try, as it were, to bring us more together and to remind us that we belong to one Service.

We must wonder from time to time what is happening elsewhere in the Service and at the Trinity House, and vvhat is being done to keep everything up-to-date, improve amenities, and so on. FLASH will give this information. I welcome it, and wish it great success.”

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