On This Day in Trinity House History – 1 January

Happy New Year to all of our followers! For the duration of 2014, the 500th year of the Corporation of Trinity House, we will be posting a series of ‘On This Day’ calendar entries describing events both big and small in the history of Trinity House. Let’s begin…


Wolf Rock Lighthouse is lit for the first time.

Although a black conical beacon was placed on the Wolf Rock by James Walker, the famous lighthouse builder, in 1840, the construction of a proper lighthouse became necessary and Walker began work on a granite tower in 1861. The tower was completed on 19 July 1869 and the light was brought into service early in the following year.

You can find more information about Wolf Rock Lighthouse on our main website.


Trinity House Hands Helgoland Lighthouse to German Authorities

Trinity House Deputy Master Captain Sir Sydney Webb and Elder Brother Captain Vyvyan arrived on THV Galatea at the island of Helgoland on the occasion of the island and its lighthouse being handed over to the German government; the lighthouse had been under the care of Trinity House since 1807, sending ships from the Blackwall and later the Ramsgate depot.


Trinity House passes its District Pilotage responsibilities to various local harbour authorities as a result of 1987’s Pilotage Act.

1987’s Pilotage Act saw Trinity House part with its District Pilotage responsibilities, passing to various local harbour authorities on 1 January 1988. This act also permitted less stringent requirements for compulsory pilotage, allowing harbour authorities to integrate their pilotage service with their other port services. Ensuring the continuance of one of its oldest duties, Trinity House became a licensing authority for deep sea pilotage, with practices shared by its namesakes in Hull and Newcastle.

Wolf Rock Lighthouse

Wolf Rock Lighthouse

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