499 Years Young!

Today marks the 499th anniversary of our incorporation by Royal Charter!

Birthday balloons at Trinity House London

Birthday balloons at Trinity House London, our Tower Hill headquarters

One year from today—20 May 2014—Trinity House will celebrate 500 years of lighting our coasts, piloting vessels to safe harbour and providing education and welfare to the seafaring community; these are duties we have guarded jealously since they were granted to us by Henry VIII on 20 May 1514. But the celebrations are not limited to 20 May 2014, and they are not limited to the staff at Trinity House. We would like to invite as many people as possible join in the celebrations, which we will be spreading throughout the year.

In September 2013 we will be publishing our official history, Light Upon The Waters: 500 Years of Trinity House, written by Captain Richard Woodman, an Elder Brother of Trinity House; the story of the corporation from incorporation to the current day has been thoroughly researched and written up and illustrated with a great many images, in the same manner as his acclaimed The Lighthouses of Trinity House.

We all hope you’ll join us in marking 500 years of service to the mariner and follow developments about a host of other celebratory and charitable initiatives at our website.