Cook’s Corner, July 1958

Feeling peckish? We proudly present this very simple recipe for Sussex Pudding taken from the July 1958 edition of Trinity House’s in-house journal Flash, written as part of a series of recipes intended for the men serving on the lighthouses, lightvessels and tenders.

Tea time at Beachy Head Lighthouse, circa 1955

Tea time at Beachy Head Lighthouse, circa 1955

COOK’S CORNER by Sarah Jane

My recipe this quarter is for Sussex Pudding.

6 ozs. Suet
6 ozs. Flour (Self Raising)
6 ozs. Raisins
¼ Pint Milk

Rub the suet into the flour, mix in the raisins and stir in the milk till the whole is mixed.
Grease a tin 8″ long, 6½” wide, 2″ deep, and put the pudding mixture in, keeping the top fairly level.
Bake for about 1 hour in a hot oven.

Keeping up the gastronomic theme, the Editor of the time saw fit to follow up with the following poem, drafted with tongue firmly in cheek by a member of the Pilot Service:

Oh Mr. Tailor please note well
When next you come to measure
The Pilot Service personnel
You’ll not get so much leisure.

For in the past you may recall
We were mostly rather slim
At least some were, if not quite all
Let’s say just nice and trim.

Don’t get me wrong and think that we
Are living fast and loose
But now we’re fed by Trinity
On chicken, duck and goose.

So throwaway our last years charts
And bring a tape much bigger
That will navigate our middle parts
And record our new found figure.

Mr. P C Clarke

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